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EStars featuring Fortnite kicks off at Celtic Park

EStars featuring Fortnite kicked off at Celtic Park in Glasgow this past weekend, for the first of its tour series across the UK and Ireland. Gamers from all over Glasgow and beyond turned up in huge numbers to compete for a coveted place in the tournament’s final at Stamford Bridge on 31st March for their chance to win £25,000.

Fortnite fans entered a real-life battleground through a life size battle bus to compete against hundreds of other players on Xbox and PS4 consoles. The game was truly brought to life with an impressive production set and Fortnite characters who entertained players with various Fornite dance routines.

A notable feature of the tournament was the variety of gamers involved from both male and female fans from all ages through to aspiring pro gamers. Nikita Rothwell, event caster was overwhelmed by the talent displayed at the event.

Nikita commented: “We seen some incredible talent at our first event in Glasgow. There were two standout moments; two players racing each other for the first Victory Royale with one taking the win within seconds of each other.

The last session of the event had what we thought was a clear winner. A top player from Clan XD won two games with 17 kills. However, a returning gamer from an earlier session gave a perfect performance and eliminated the last six players in his game to tie for first place in the last ten minutes. We’re really looking forward to seeing even more talent at our upcoming events!

The crowd also took part in a series of Fornite dance contests showing off their best Floss, Orange Justice and Jubilation proving that Fortnite has truly become embedded in households across the nation.

The bar has been set high for the remainder of the EStars featuring Fortnite tournament and claiming the Victory Royale in Stamford Bridge will be the ultimate challenge for gamers across the nation.

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