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First for EPlayers Agency Launches Ireland’s EStars

Three Ireland’s EStars is a competition forged from the grassroots of esports and the community, but we also want our competitors to dream as big as we do. We are providing our winners the scope, the opportunity and the prospects of becoming a Champion.

What made you create this tournament and the First for E Players agency?

What we love about esports is that gaming strips away boundaries and limits. Esports are skillful; esports require dedication; esports are thrilling and engaging, but, most importantly, esports are for everyone. Ageless; sexless; requiring strength of mind, rather than body; esports have evolved from the stereotypes of the past. We salute the gamers, from the ankle grazers to the grannies, and we thought it was past time that the Irish gaming community had a league of their own.

We are determined to mine the gap that exists in the Irish market and place Ireland at the forefront of the worldwide esports community. That our players are associated with League of Ireland teams adds to the spectacle. Who doesn’t love a sense of tribalism and ownership to really ignite the rivalry between teams?

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