This is your new armour - EStars

This is your new armour

When the stakes are this high, only the top gear will suffice. This is Three Ireland’s EStars. This is designed by Peak. This is not a game.

The contenders have their eye on the prize. Big Betty has docked in Ireland. The stage is set. Are you ready? Time to select your armour. You’re going to need it for the gruelling journey ahead.

As Dundalk’s Oriel Park is poised to host the first night of the country’s biggest ever esports tournament tomorrow, March 14th, Three Ireland’s EStars are proud to unveil our slick merchandise, designed by PEAK. From hoodies and t-shirts, to snapbacks and our full range of jerseys from the ten teams that are brave enough to contest this battle, it’s time to pledge your allegiance. This is not a game.

Drawing inspiration from the unique and edgy style dominant in the world of esports, while paying tribute to the League of Ireland clubs who have trusted their badge to the cream of the country’s gaming talent, PEAK’s range of Three Ireland’s EStars merchandise is iconic and wearable.

Fast becoming renowned as a true partner of apparel, not merely yet another brand, PEAK is synonymous for reaching the heights of superior team attire.

A giant between the goals, Brighton’s Tim Krul established PEAK in 2013, initially to create the perfect gloves for the last line of defence on the pitch.

The brand has since grown to provide a full range of superior sportswear, designed and made to order. The partnership with Three Ireland’s EStars marks the company’s first trek into the world of competitive gaming.

Mags Byrne of Three Ireland’s EStars said, “When Three Ireland’s EStars was considering an apparel partner, PEAK was a natural fit. PEAK share our vision of the future of esports in Ireland; they understand the existing rivalry of League of Ireland clubs and we are delighted to have them on board. We are thrilled with the PEAK esport range they have designed for Three Ireland’s EStars.”

Tim Krul, founder of PEAK, added, “It’s a really exciting partnership, it’s such a new business. I think it’s amazing to give anybody the opportunity to be able to go on a big stage in front of thousands and thousands of people and the [Three Ireland’s EStars] final is going to be immense.”

Three Ireland’s EStars merchandise will be available at every league bout or online at

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