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What is the “Esports Club”?

The Esports Club is a safe online community available for students aged 7+ to access to complete a variety of educational tasks in video gaming. The tasks that are available are Key skills development, Tournaments, Esports Coaching, Educational seminars, BTEC credit tasks and Educational Seminars.

How is the “Esports Club” different from casual video gaming?


Unlike casual gaming our tasks have a set time frame and have instructions to achieve an end result to playing the game (similar to receiving a task in an academic lesson)


Unlike casual gaming which does't always hold a purpose, each of our tasks aim to develop skills such as Leadership, Problem solving, Strategic thinking and many more.

Is Esports Club a safe environment for my child to participate in?

Our platform has multiple safeguarding and safety measures to ensure all students are in a safe environment. This includes a sign-up process which restricts users to only those agreed with the school. The club has a code of conduct each student has to agree to. The club also has auto (bot) and live moderators for safety purposes.

*All individual games have their own terms and conditions for safety.

What are the benefits of the “Esports Club”?

The Club offer a range of benefits for students, including:

  • Develop key skills to assist in future academics and careers.
  • Discover career paths in esports.
  • Improve gaming skills.
  • Bank credits for a future BTEC in Esports.
  • Compete in safe tournaments.

How will playing games help my child in his education?

The platform adds structure as opposed to 'Casually' playing video games. We have broken games down and created tasks that help develop key skills for children (leadership, creativity, time management, decision making are just some of the examples). An example of this would be we explore children's creativity by giving them a specific creative design task. They then can be critiqued by other students in a positive way to not only get better at the game but explore their own creativity. They can also display their presentation skills by explaining their creative design choices.

How do tournaments help in education?

Healthy competition is vital in education to promote skills but also sportsmanship whether that be in winning or losing. It allows students to also show resilience.

Games that are used on the platform:


  • Minecraft
  • Sonic Forces: Speed Battle
  • Little Alchemy 2
  • Penguin Diner 2
  • Rocket League: Sideswipe
  • Crossy Road
  • Super Mario Run
  • Elevens Up!

Console Games

  • F1
  • EA FC
  • NBA 2K
  • Rocket League

All games are carefully considered to not only be age appropriate but also havetasks that develop key skills.

How often do the tasks in games get changed?

New content will be refreshed every term. This includes games, key skills tasks, coaching, tournaments, and seminars. Some tournaments will repeat if they are popular, but no student will complete content they have done in previous terms.

How often are the tournaments run, and in what games?

This is bespoken to the school and fully flexible to how many the school would like in the term calendar. Tournaments are also available on most games on the platform. If the game has a competition or creative format there is a possibility for a tournament.

If there are any concerns or issues, how do I contact an EStars member?

We have dedicated club moderators who can resolve issues whether that be on the chat system or via email.