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Exploring esports

Esports, or electronic sports, is a form of competitive gaming where professional players, individually or as teams, engage in organised, multiplayer video game competitions. These competitions can take place in both live and online formats, with players battling it out for glory and significant prizes.

The global esports market is anticipated to grow to a value of $3.04 billion by 2027, making it a leading industry.

The integration of esports into the curriculum is revolutionising education, with studies indicating a remarkable 40% surge in student engagement where gaming is used as an educational aid.

The rise of esports in Africa

Esports in Africa is growing rapidly. Several factors are contributing to this growth including:

A population of young people:
Africa has a young population, with over 60% of the population under the age of 25. This young population is increasingly interested in gaming and esports.

Improved access to the internet and technology:
Internet access in Africa has improved significantly in recent years. This has made it possible for more people to play games online and participate in esports tournaments.

Africa takes the lead as the fastest-growing region in esports, with a year on year

growth rate of 22%.

The projected value of Africa's esports market is set to

hit $1 billion by 2024.

The Esports Club

The Educational Esports Club

Our Educational Esports Club turns esports into a learning tool, helping students develop essential skills while having fun playing their favorite games. Our unique platform combines gaming and education seamlessly, catering to all levels and creating a thriving community of passionate gamers.
Our safe and structured environment provides a nurturing space for kids to explore their gaming interests while fostering academic and personal growth.


The Esports Club is designed with an educational focus, offering a structured approach by breaking down games into tasks that develop core skills.


Engaging in tasks across various games helps students enhance key skills like leadership, creativity, communication, strategic thinking and teamwork.

Secured &

Our skilled moderators are committed to maintaining a platform where all interactions are respectful and suitable.

Dynamic Tasks
& Content

We regularly update our content, offering a diverse selection of educational games that match learning objectives and suit different age groups.


We prioritise flexibility to cater to every school's distinct requirements, offering a customised experience aligned with specific educational goals and objectives.

Support &

EStars provides extensive support and training resources to empower educators, ensuring they feel confident and proficient in utilising the platform to its fullest potential.

The Educational Benefits of the Esports Club

Through a series of engaging and educational tasks based on popular games, we empower students aged 7-14 to develop key skills such as leadership, teamwork and problem-solving.
Leadership skills
Creativity and innovation
Numerical skills
Cognitive Skills
Decision making
Digital Sportsmanship
Digital Literacy


Hear what top football players have to say about esports and its impact on education.
Welcome to the EStars’ Esports Club where esports meet education. Unlock the champion within, join the EStars’ Esports Club.

Jordan Henderson

A professional footballer, plays as a midfielder for Eredivisie club Ajax and former Liverpool, England national team and Al Ettifaq captain

EStars’ Esports Club has proven its effectiveness in enhancing student skills through educational gaming. Level up your future with Esports Club

Tim Krul

A Dutch professional footballer, plays as a goalkeeper for Premier League club Luton Town and the Netherlands national team

Esports Club opens doors to new skills and career paths. It's a game-changer for students' futures.

Marco Bizot

A Dutch professional footballer, plays as
a goalkeeper for Ligue 1 club Brest
and the Netherlands national team

Esports Club prioritizes safety, ensuring a secure environment for all students.

Harry Maguire

A centre-back for a Premier League club
Manchester United and England National team

Latest Media Releases

Discover the latest news and developments from EStars, alongside its groundbreaking initiatives in esports education.

Latest Media Releases

Discover the latest news and developments from EStars, alongside its groundbreaking initiatives in esports education.

A Testament to the Power of Esports

The Esports Club has been used and approved by Chrisland Schools, one of the leading educational institutions in Nigeria.
Students Engagement Rate
Our Esports Club has proven its effectiveness in enhancing student skills through educational gaming and demonstrated its ability to seamlessly integrate gaming into the learning process.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Together, we are shaping the future of education through esports.

Through strategic partnerships with leading football clubs, educational institutions and corporate brands, the Esports Club is pioneering innovative esports-based learning experiences that empower students to develop essential skills for the digital era.

Meet the creative minds behind

Meet the visionary team behind EStars’ Esports Club, a group of passionate innovators and educators dedicated to revolutionising education through the power of esports across Africa.

Mags Byrne

Founder and CEO, EStars

Mags holds over six years of dedicated involvement in esports following her esteemed positions as CEO and director within the English Premier League and diverse sports governing bodies.

Joel Popoola

EStars Africa

Serving as the Chair of the Institute of Directors (IoD) Africa Group, Joel has successfully completed the Oxford Saïd's Executive Leadership programme and Cambridge Judge's Business Analytics: Decision Making Using Data programme.

Stefania Genesis

Chief Operating Officer

Stefania, previously a litigator at a prominent London law firm, has extensive experience working with clients in both sports and esports industries globally. She holds a masters degree in International Sports law and lectures at universities internationally.

EStars in Action


Explore answers to your commonly asked questions

What are the benefits of the “Esports Club”?

The Club offer a range of benefits for students, including:

  • Develop key skills to assist in future academics and careers.
  • Discover career paths in esports.
  • Improve gaming skills.
  • Bank credits for a future BTEC in Esports.
  • Compete in safe tournaments.

How is the “Esports Club” different from casual video gaming?


Unlike casual gaming our tasks have a set time frame and have instructions to achieve an end result to playing the game (similar to receiving a task in an academic lesson)


Unlike casual gaming which does't always hold a purpose, each of our tasks aim to develop skills such as Leadership, Problem solving, Strategic thinking and many more.

How will playing games help my child in his education?

The platform adds structure as opposed to 'Casually' playing video games. We have broken games down and created tasks that help develop key skills for children (leadership, creativity, time management, decision making are just some of the examples). An example of this would be we explore children's creativity by giving them a specific creative design task. They then can be critiqued by other students in a positive way to not only get better at the game but explore their own creativity. They can also display their presentation skills by explaining their creative design choices.

Is Esports Club a safe environment for my child to participate in?

Our platform has multiple safeguarding and safety measures to ensure all students are in a safe environment. This includes a sign-up process which restricts users to only those agreed with the school. The club has a code of conduct each student has to agree to. The club also has auto (bot) and live moderators for safety purposes.

*All individual games have their own terms and conditions for safety.



to enhance education through esports in your school.