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The future of esports
Esports stands as a dynamic and rapidly expanding industry, poised for sustained growth in the coming years.
Projections indicate a steady rise in the global esports audience, expected to reach an estimated 532 million viewers.
By 2025, dedicated esports enthusiasts are forecasted to reach 318 million. Within the esports realm, digital platforms and streaming services emerge as the fastest- growing revenue streams, with anticipated growth extending into 2025.

As the broader gaming industry continues its expansion, esports is positioned to parallel this growth trajectory.
This burgeoning landscape presents abundant investment opportunities, with a diverse array of products available to prospective investors. Moreover, the emergence of esports has opened doors to new career pathways for aspiring individuals, spanning fields such as IT, broadcasting, graphic design, event management, marketing, and more.

At EStars, we take pride in being pioneers in the MENA region, offering the exclusive International BTEC in Esports. This comprehensive programme equips students with the requisite skills to thrive in one of the world's fastest-growing industries. Recognised by employers worldwide including Apple, PlayStation, Samsung, Google, YouTube, Nintendo, and many others, the BTEC provides students with a robust skill set and practical experience. As the industry continues its ascent, it promises an abundance of opportunities for investors and aspiring professionals alike.
a Pathway to careers in the esports industry
pearson btec in esports
BTEC, an acronym for Business and Technology Education Council, is a vocational qualification with an emphasis on hands-on learning and skills-based assessment. Universally recognised by universities and employers, BTEC qualifications are offered in schools and colleges across more than 70 countries. These qualifications boast flexible, modular course structures, enriching existing curricula and equipping students with tangible skills applicable to future careers.

EStars is proud to offer the Pearson BTEC in Esports – the only qualification of its kind in the MENA region. Tailored to furnish students with the knowledge and competencies essential for a career in esports, this qualification is delivered by industry experts. The curriculum encompasses a broad spectrum of industry-relevant topics, including esports teams, tournaments and marketing.

As the world evolves, so do the career pathways available to young learners. Completing the BTEC in Esports opens up a world of exciting career opportunities within the esports ecosystem. Examples include team management, event production, content creation, esports coaching, marketing, journalism, tournament organisation, and more. Students will also have opportunities to connect with industry professionals, potential employers, and fellow enthusiasts, building a valuable network of contacts within the esports community.
Earn a btec in what you love through our pearson accredited btec in esports programme
commencing september 2023
in person delivery in astral, dubai

Our Pearson accredited BTEC In Esports is designed to develop the transferable skills
that universities and employers are looking for.

BTEC in esports
Level 2
Ages 14+ | 120 guided learning hours
AED 9,200
Registration of AED 2,300 &
3 termly payments of AED 2,300
BTEC in esports
Level 3
Ages 16+ | 180 guided learning hours
AED 11,500
Registration of AED 2,875 &
3 termly payments of AED 2,875
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