Dubwins all round

18th February, 2019

As we approached our fourth event of the tournament it was unclear whether the reign of Roman Rai would ever end. Roman made headlines with his 20 point win in our first qualifying round in Glasgow’s Celtic Park and his score remained undefeated…until Croke Park.

EStars returned to the Irish gaming scene for the first time since hosting Three Ireland’s EStars last year, but the level of talent exceeded expectations. The Irish turned out in large numbers and it was easy to see from the get-go that they were ready for the challenge.

In the very first session Jack Grant from Donegal not only beat Roman’s record, but went on to gain a total of 23 eliminations.

Speaking to Jack and his father afterwards the pride was evident in both their faces at what Jack had just accomplished, his Dad joking “It was well worth the trip from Letterkenny.” The pair travelled over three hours to attend the tournament, and now will be preparing for the journey to London’s Stamford Bridge on March 31st to compete in the Grand Finals.

But the weekend was just getting started. In the very next session Jack’s short-lived reign was defeated by Alex Corrigan who stole the show by getting just one more elimination than Jack. Cavan’s Corrigan had previously got a 17 elimination win and went back for more showing he was not ready to give up his chance for a place in the finals.

Alex finished with a Victory Royale and 24 eliminations  (almost a quarter of the playing field in total) and is now at the top of the leaderboard. “I basically just rushed everyone, I fired my gun into the air to draw some attention and then rushed people that were nearby” Alex explained in an interview with the
Irish Examiner.

Will this tactic help Alex claim the Victory Royale and the grand prize of £25,000 in the Grand Finals? Only time will tell…but it was definitely enough for him to take the top spot in Croke Park and the leaderboard.

The competition is definitely heating up and we can’t wait to see what the four remaining qualifying rounds bring. If Croke Park has taught us anything it’s that it can all change in an instant and a player’s place on the leaderboard is never secure!

The next round of the tournament takes place in Newcastle’s St.James’ Park. Who will join the list of finalists
clomidrxshop.com making their way to Stamford Bridge on 31st March to claim the grand prize of £25,000?

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