EStars and aldar education partnership

8th May 2022, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Esports initiative launched across Aldar Education Schools in partnership with EStars

• Students and staff, from 21 schools, will have access to a bespoke Esports initiative.

• Participants will benefit from age specific challenges, educational seminars and exposure to career opportunities.

• Stakeholders will have the ability to develop a plethora of skills and to explore various disciplines associated with this exciting and emerging industry.

EStars and Aldar Education are delighted to confirm they have formed a partnership to provide students and staff of 21 schools the opportunity to join an Esports Club. Aldar Education is the leading educational provider in Abu Dhabi, educating more than 27,000 students in the Emirate.

The Aldar Esports platform, hosted and managed by EStars, will provide weekly, age-specific challenges, core skill development activities, esports coaching and competitive tournaments with prizes to be won. It will also involve educational seminars with esports professionals worldwide, informing students about career opportunities, further qualifications and the overall benefits of esports.

Speaking about the Partnership, Aryeah Mohasses, Director of Strategy & Innovation at Aldar Education, said: “Innovation and technology is at the heart of everything that we do at Aldar Education. As a key strategic pillar, we endeavour to offer the best opportunities for our students to access unique digital tools. Technology certainly enhances students’ access to information, accelerates learning, and offers an exclusive platform in a fun environment creating exciting experiences for our students”.

Luke Stafford, CEO of EStars, commented, “EStars are delighted to partner with Aldar Education, a forward-thinking and prestigious education provider.

Our team have spent considerable time researching and developing the Esports Club. It provides students with a safe place to enjoy gaming and realise their potential while doing something they already love. The Club’s activities and challenges nurture valuable learning skills that are desirable across a broad spectrum of industry fields to give Aldar Education stakeholders a pathway to bright future careers.

EStars are proud to be partnering with Aldar Education on such a unique and innovative esports project as we aim to help create the next generation of UAE’s future.”

Andrew Turner, Group Head of Education Technology at Aldar Education, commented, “We are thrilled to be a pioneer within the education sector by launching this initiative across our family of schools. Both staff and students will have the opportunity to learn and develop skills associated with the rapidly growing Esports industry. This is a unique and exciting initiative. We have made sure to showcase all the various elements associated with the Esports industry: from the business and graphic design opportunities to the soft skills that can be developed and nurtured, such as leadership and teamwork”.

About Aldar Education
A leading, innovative private education provider in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Aldar Education Group is one of the most sought-after institutions providing a world-class and future-focused education to over 27,000 students across eight academies, seven Charter Schools, four ADNOC schools and Cranleigh Abu Dhabi.Overseen by CEO Sahar Cooper and a Board of Directors that includes the Chairman of Aldar Properties, H.E. Mohammed Khalifa Al Mubarak, Aldar Education delivers inclusive, sustainable and innovative learning that inspires and empowers communities.The group’s holistic and inclusive approach to learning aims to inspire curiosity and a love of learning that will last a lifetime, with a focus on creativity.With excellence at the heart of the group’s operation, Aldar Education not only delivers the highest standards of a globally relevant education but is committed to empowering the next generation to shape their future and fulfil their potential.

About EStars
Founded in 2017, EStars are a recognised global leader in the world of esports. Having worked with 52 corporate entities worldwide and over 100,000 gamers, EStars’ unique educational online platform offers students the opportunity to enjoy gaming in a safe and controlled environment. EStars have a head office in Abu Dhabi with entities in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Dubai.
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